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Our vendor registration application can be found here: Vendor Registration Form


THE MARKETPLACE is located at the historic Train Station at 20 South Washington Avenue (U.S. Route 11) in Pulaski.

Hours of Operation:

THE MARKETPLACE  will operate on Tuesday evenings, rain or shine, May 16 through September 5, 2017.


There is an annual non-refundable $50 fee for vendors to participate in the market.

Assignment of Space:

Spaces will be assigned upon approval of vendor application. Every attempt will be made to allocate space in a fair and equitable manner. The committee will strive for a good mix of product diversity in the approval process.

THE MARKETPLACE  Committee reserves the right to deny or revoke any approved space when it is deemed to be in the best interest of Market operations.


Vendors must secure a Grower’s Permit from the Virginia Cooperative Extension Service (540- 980-7761).

  • * Locally grown fresh fruits, vegetables, edible flowers, herbs and honey.
  • * All who apply will be required to complete THE MARKETPLACE application and adhere to all regulations.
  • *Locally produced eggs and cheeses are permitted provided that adequate refrigeration is furnished.
  • *Meat products are permitted as long as they are locally grown, have USDA certification and are kept refrigerated or frozen.
  • *Baked goods, candies, jams, jellies, or fruit pies are permitted. Perishable baked goods such as those with custard or dairy cream fillings are not permitted.
  • *On July 1, 2013 an amendment to § 3.2-5130 of the Code of Virginia went into effect that expanded the types of prepared foods individuals can make and sell from their homes or at farmers markets without VDACS inspection including certain low risk foods and acidified vegetables such as pickled products, salsa, chow-chow, relishes and similar vegetables processed in a private home so that an equilibrium pH of 4.6 or lower is achieved.
  • *All home-prepared consumable products must be individually packaged. Either individual labels or a small sign with the product name, date of preparation, all ingredients in descending order, and the name and address of the manufacturer must be presented with the product.

Crafts & Non-Food Items:

The following non-food items may be sold at THE MARKETPLACE:

  • *Locally grown cut flowers and potted perennials, annuals and herbs.
  • *Handmade items made by the vendor must be approved by THE MARKETPLACE Committee.

Licenses, Taxes and Permits:

  • * Any person using THE MARKETPLACE for the purposes of selling or offering for sale any items on the premises must comply with all federal, state and local ordinances and are the responsibility of the individual vendor.
  • *The collection and filing of all related taxes and the obtaining of all applicable inspections are the responsibility of the individual vendor.
  • *Vendors with a valid Grower’s Permit from the Virginia Cooperative Extension Service are exempt from town business license fees or itinerant peddler’s fees.
  • *The Grower’s Permit must be presented at the Market and a copy given to THE MARKETPLACE.
  • *All weighing scales must have a current valid certification sticker signed by the Virginia Department of Weights and Measures (276-228-5501).
  • *Information about taxes can be obtained from the County of Pulaski Commissioner of the Revenue (540-980-7750) and the Virginia Department of Taxation.
  • *Any vendor handling prepared foods, for sale or sample, must submit a completed Health Department Vendor Application to The Marketplace. *Applications must be submitted to The Marketplace, not directly to the Health Department. For any questions on Health Department regulations please contact the Pulaski County Health Department at 540-440-2166.

Health, Sanitation and Safety:

  •  *Vendors will be responsible for the collection and removal of all refuse generated from sales at their stall.
  •  *The use of chewing tobacco, snuff products, alcohol or illegal substances are not permitted at THE MARKETPLACE.
  •  *Behavior by vendors or customers judged to be disruptive or detrimental to the peaceful operation of THE MARKETPLACE  will not be allowed.
  •  *Small children brought to THE MARKETPLACE  by vendors must be kept under the supervision of a designated adult.
  •  *THE MARKETPLACE, The Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Pulaski will not be responsible for damage or loss of any personal belongings left unattended.
  •  *Any unsafe or unsanitary conditions should be brought to the immediate attention of the Director of THE MARKETPLACE or the designated supervisor on duty.


Vendors who violate any of the THE MARKETPLACE regulations will first be given a verbal warning by THE MARKETPLACE  Committee Chairperson or his/her designee. Second violations will constitute a written warning from THE MARKETPLACE Committee. The third time a violation occurs, the vendor will be asked to leave the market.

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