Dinner In the Streets

Hello Marketplace Farmers and Vendors!!
This year The Marketplace will add an exciting new event, Dinner In the Streets.  This is a collaborative effort with YMCA, local restaurant owners and Marketplace vendors like you.  We want this dinner to be “farm to table” using as many Marketplace resources as possible – local veggies, meats, flowers and other products. By everyone pulling together we can lessen the load of each famer/vendor.  The chefs will use these local products to create a spectacular dinner which will be held ON 1st Street, next to Jackson Park.
Dinner in the Streets will be held on July 21st in hopes that produce will be near its peak. There will be a maximum of 100 tickets sold.
If you are interested in being a part of Dinner In the Streets, please contact us to let us know what items you may be able to contribute.
 This dinner is expected to be well received and will be a great benefit to promotion of The Marketplace and its vendors.

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