DateFood Vendor Local Culinary Showcase MusicABCSpecial Feature
May 16Johnny Ray's
Hudson Beef, LLC
Pulaski High School
Culinary Department
DJ YoungWest Wind WinerySalute To Schools
May 23Johnny Ray's
Hudson Beef, LLC
Magic MomentsVA EagleCass Long and the Country Line Dancers, Pulaski County Library, Pulaski Proud
May 30Johnny Ray's
Hudson Beef, LLC
Food CityRon IrelandWhitebarrel Winery
June 6Johnny Ray's
Hudson Beef, LLC
NRV Sheep and
Goat Club
Billy SteeleWhitebarrel WinerySalute To WWII Veterans
June 13Johnny Ray's
Hudson Beef, LLC
Paul Etzel - LewisGale
Hospital Pulaski
Pratt BrothersVA EagleThe Crooked Road
June 20 Hudson Beef, LLCSteve SmithWest Wind Winery
June 27Hudson Beef, LLC
Chefs Loren Hunter and PJ Slaughter
Food CityDQYDJVa Eagle
July 4ClosedHappyIndependenceDayClosed
July 11Johnny Ray's
Hudson Beef, LLC
Paul Etzel - LewisGale
Hospital Pulaski
Billy SteeleWhitebarrel WineryHealth Care Night - Sponsored by
Highland Ridge Rehab
July 18Hudson Beef, LLCFarm to Table Chef Loren HunterSteve SmithWest Wind WineryFarm To Table
July 25Johnny Ray's
Hudson Beef, LLC
Food CityPratt BrothersVa Eagle
Aug 1Chefs Loren Hunter and PJ SlaughterPratt BrothersWhitebarrel Winery
Aug 8Johnny Ray'sPaul Etzel - LewisGale
Hospital Pulaski
Steve SmithVa Eagle
Aug 15Johnny Ray's
Hudson Beef, LLC
Billy SteeleWest Wind Winery
Aug 22Hudson Beef, LLCFood CityAudio RainVa Eagle
Aug 29Johnny Ray's
Hudson Beef, LLC
Virginia WildVa Eagle

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