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Pulaski Grow is the vision of Director, Lee Spiegel. Lee wanted to create a program to teach youth the basic skills necessary to find, secure and hold a job.  Pulaski Grow will utilize an aquaponics business to house the expanded youth training program.  They are working to become a non-profit with the goal of sustaining the training program and the aquaponics business through sales of produce and fish to local restaurants, markets and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares.

Aquaponics is a closed system form of agriculture that utilizes fish to supply nutrients to plants by way of nitrifying bacteria which in turn clean the water and send it back to the fish. Aquaponics was chosen as a the business believe it teaches youth a wide range of skills to prepare for the future while reflecting the agricultural legacy of Pulaski County.

Keep up with what Pulaski Grow is doing by checking out their Facebook and their website at here. Pulaski Grow will be at THE MARKETPLACE every Tuesday evening, 4-8pm!

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Enjoy this recipe from Pulaski Grow:

Roasted Beets with Curry Sauce

Prep & cook time: Approx. 1 1/2 hrs
Preheat oven to: 375 F

You will need:
6 Beets– trimmed, washed, wrapped in foil
2 cloves crushed garlic
2 TBL. plain yogurt
2 TBL. Mayo
4 tsp. curry powder
3 TBL. fresh lemon juice
4 TBL. chopped Cilantro
10 TBL. Olive oil (add last)


Bake beets (take at least one hour) until easily pierced.  Let cool or leave warm.  While beets are baking, combine and whisk the rest of the ingredients except olive oil until smooth.  Peel and cut beets into wedges.  Add olive oil to sauce and whisk again. Pour sauce over beets. *Sauce is also good over pork, chicken or white fish!

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